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Bec Feldman is a graphic designer and marketing consultant living and working on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

She is the founder of Burn and Bloom, a branding and marketing studio. She also shares the wisdom of aspirational women across the globe through online content and offline events.





About Bec

Let's take it down a notch and drop the third person. 

I have over ten years experience in the design and marketing industry, and am deeply passionate about understanding your why and purpose. If you don't know what either of those things are for you, I'm here to help you figure it out.

I cultivate dreamy and unique brands which speak directly to the heart and emotions of your target market through visuals and strategy. Plus, a rather large passion of mine is making sure people are happy with themselves and their lives. I do this by creating online content and hosting offline events that guide you to find your version of purpose and fulfilment. 

Aside from my professional endeavours, I'm a keen surfer, love me some nachos and you'll often find me tripping over my own feet (hello 3 broken bones in the last 12 months). 

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